Development / Project Management

“The module of Development and Project Management is designed for more efficient management of Project-type tasks such as products, programs and buildings for specific purposes”

You can manage the progress of existing or in-development products in an easy and efficient way.

The Development / Project Management Module helps your keeping track of all your complex or multi-disciplinary processes and lets you manage them in a way that suits your company.

Coordinate the performance and contribution of distributed teams to ensure maintaining efficient development of best-in-class products.

The management of all aspects of product development are covered; from concept to service to discontinuation.

Optimize product development processes and secure your information sources, to competitive, high-quality products of high economical value.

Supports product development processes aimed at people, processes and system integrations.


* Advantages of using the Development / Project Management Module include:
Minimizing Time-To-Market
Increased productivity
Simple and efficient design
Improvement of product quality
Cost reduction of new product development
Insight into key business processes
Enhancement of reporting and analysis capabilities


* Services for all aspects of product development
The Development / Project Management Module provides significant value by directly building a single system that manages both hardware and software deliverables simultaneously.

Developed product information can easily be shared with stakeholders, to increase cooperation efficiencies.

Based on the data from our basic development products, providing smarter, more competitive products becomes faster and more efficient, both in costs and time.


Optimize your product development process with features that will help you throughout the entire procedure of your product development!