“Elbats Software is programmed to meet the requirements and needs of manufacturers”

Our solution helps manufacturers defy increasing pressure in electronics production management, changes in material complexity, and create shorter product cycles and faster production-delivery processes.

This helps our customers stay ahead of their competitors.



Elbats Software and Production Management system enables full integration using a factory system that provides our users with complete traceability of material from the warehouse to their delivery to the customer.

Our solution readily supports multiple Bills Of Material (BOM), multiple ways of tracking down inventories to their smallest components, the assembly of manufactured parts, and delivery tracking at each individual stage of production.

This makes the system particularly suitable for manufacturing companies producing items such as semiconductor equipment, LCD equipment, NC, lathe, milling, and medical equipment.


Manufacturers will benefit from a wide range of functions in Elbats Software, such as:

• Rapid Process Development to increase efficiency time management;

• Full Work-In-Process Coordination, and Control and Quality Management;

• Complete Data History;

• Non-Conformance Management;

• Planning, Tracking, and Monitoring completion of processes;

• Raw Material Monitoring and Grading;

• Critical Component and Source Tracking;

• Managing Product Returns;

• Predictive Maintenance Management;

• Delivery Control and Management;

• Check your Key Performance Indicator (KPI) in Real-Time.


Elbats Software solution readily supports multiple bills of material, tracking of inventory down to the smallest component, assembly of manufactured parts, delivery tracking at each stage of production.

Particularly suitable for manufacturing companies such as semiconductor equipment, LCD equipment, NC, lathe, milling, medical equipment.


Manufacturers will benefit from the range of functionality in Elbats Software, which includes:

•Rapid Process Development for Quicker Time

•Full Work-in-Process Coordination and Control and Quality Management

•Complete Data History

•Non-Conformance Management

•Planning, Tracking, and Control of Final Part

•Raw Material Monitoring and Grading

•Critical Component and Source Tracking

•Returned Product Management

•Predictive Maintenance Management

•Delivery Control and Management

•Real Time Checking Key Performance Indicator(KPI)