[03] Document Management Module


About Electronic Document Management Module


Intended for factory businesses!

Simple integrated working!


30+ Languages!


Electronic Approval – Enhance the efficiency of document composition and information management, whilst minimizing the time and money originally spent on purchasing and retrieving physical documents.







Solution Estimation / Introduction Process

  1. Purchase request ( elbats@elbatssoft.xyz );
  2. Use our demo-program;
  3. Program module decision and purchase order;
  4. Complete payment on our website;
  5. Decide where to install the program server;

5-1. Installing and operating the server within the company – The customer needs to contact the person in charge of the company in order to get the server’s access information, so we can configure the program directly. **Must be operated using a default Windows 2008/2012 system**;

5-2. Installing the server at Elbats Software – We will contract our cloud-based server system to install your server and provide further service. This option allows us to provide our customers with a daily backup service, making it possible to help whenever a problem arises.

*Server administration fee is charged monthly. Failing to pay this fee may result in a suspension of service

* We will send you the payment method by e-mail;

  1. We will provide our new customers with the necessary Excel forms for our program’s basic setup. Please fill our the forms and mail them back to us;
  2. Basic installation and setup can take up to 10 days, but will take longer in case of additional requirements;


*Any other questions? Send us an e-mail at elbats@elbatssoft.xyz

*It is possible to customize our program. Please attach a .ppt file containing a design and your desired module’s specifications. We will review your suggestion and then contact you.