[02] MES/PLM Software

Electronic Document Management, Sales Management, Purchasing Management and other attractive features that were not available in previous ERP solutions.


About Elbats MES/PLM Software


Intended for factory businesses!

Simple integrated working!


30+ Languages!


Electronic Approval – Enhance the efficiency of document composition and information management, whilst minimizing the time and money originally spent on purchasing and retrieving physical documents.


Sales Management – Manage monthly and yearly sales plans, as well as quotation, orders, sales, demand and supply, etc. Efficiently manage your company’s current status and/or form future business plans.


Development and Research Management – Monitor and manage tasks, projects, and even product statuses with great efficiency and great precision.


Production and Quality Management – Manage production plans, production outcomes, outsourcing, facilities, and monitor production progress statuses. This feature is especially useful when inspecting or managing either autonomous purchases, or purchases made through a corporation. This feature supports Quality modules, making it easy to process claims, quality inspections, and complaints.


Purchasing Material Management – Calculate any needed amount of materials, and produce order date with ease using the Consumed Time Plan module. Effectively manage materials through the Purchase Request, Order, Warehousing, Shipping Out, and Stock modules.


Repair Management – Easily manage repair requests made by your customers. This function supports Reception, Technology Consultation, Warehousing, and Shipping Out modules that simplifies the management of these items.






















Solution Estimation / Introduction Process

1. Purchase request ( elbats@elbatssoft.xyz );

2. Use our demo-program;

3. Program module decision and purchase order;

4. Complete payment on our website;

5. Decide where to install the program server;

5-1. Installing and operating the server within the company – The customer needs to contact the person in charge of the company in order to get the server’s access information, so we can configure the program directly. **Must be operated using a default Windows 2008/2012 system**;

5-2. Installing the server at Elbats Software – We will contract our cloud-based server system to install your server and provide further service. This option allows us to provide our customers with a daily backup service, making it possible to help whenever a problem arises.

*Server administration fee is charged monthly. Failing to pay this fee may result in a suspension of service

* We will send you the payment method by e-mail;

6. We will provide our new customers with the necessary Excel forms for our program’s basic setup. Please fill our the forms and mail them back to us;

7. Basic installation and setup can take up to 10 days, but will take longer in case of additional requirements;


*Any other questions? Send us an e-mail at elbats@elbatssoft.xyz

*It is possible to customize our program. Please attach a .ppt file containing a design and your desired module’s specifications. We will review your suggestion and then contact you.