Production / Quality Management

“Elbats Software Production Module”

An essential feature for manufacturing, providing the field manager with the most important data on materials, manufacturing and more.
It is a key function for all sudden internal and external changes of the production environment, such as production quantity of various products, facility expansion and new product development!


* Production plans, work plans and supply / demand of raw and subsidiary materials are constructed in an organically connected fashion.
The production plan is based on the interconnected information system, which is established based on standard information.
The performance of production plans is managed by linking optimal work standards to given capacity, maximizing efficiency while minimizing production costs.
The user is provided with various valuable data, like production performance, raw / subsidiary material usage, machine operation performance and available manpower, combining those in an analysis to provide data such as work yield, work efficiency, productivity and cost manufacturing.
Inadequate products, claims and quality inspection tool management modules help you manage quality tasks efficiently.




Key benefits of this module include:

Task and detailed scheduling functions

Its very simple and easy to set up and can produce a wide variety of production cycle schedules.
If properly managed, processing, and priorities associated with a particular unit of production are provided.


Production Unit Distribution

Work forms such as Lots and Work Orders can be used to manage the flow of unit production.
Work to be performed and real-time user data are used to calculate distribution information at the selected factory site.


Good Data Performance and Easy Aggregation

Access to performance records is much easier compared to similar products.
Since the functions are aimed at both simple and complicated recording, recording detailed information is also an option.
All data on work performance and work status throughout the entire production process are provided.



You can judge productivity by comparing performance data based on work time data.
Based on given data, the administrator can determine the optimal number of efficient workers, to maximize output.


Quality Management

The Quality Manager module can share data on quality measurements collected from the manufacturing site, so that the quality of products can be verified and problems during crises identified.
Provides materials to solve problems and interact with workers and stakeholders on causes and consequences of failure, to quickly solve the cause of failure.


Process Control

Monitors production progress and provides decision support for workers, to improve work in progress or modify process operations.


Product Tracking and Genealogy

By entering a code, informations on Product Planning and Performance are received. The current status of the delivery process can be seen in a glance.
The Status Information enables you to see needed production quantity, the production plan, currently assigned workers and the final delivery date.