Purchasing Management

“The Elbats Software Purchasing Management Module helps administrators to gain insight into the productivity of production processes and plans, to help them make sound purchasing decisions”

In order to improve the productivity of the production process and calculating material requirements for a production plan, the customer can set up an optimal purchase plan, by referring to the customers information on evaluation, unit price, inventory and proper inventory quantity. Making sure required supplies always arrive on time.

Real-time input / results on material collection can be used as various aggregate data.

The user can manage appropriate inventory criteria by analyzing the monthly material costs and inventory days. Thus enabling him to recollect on necessary informations on settlement, analysis and planing. Making it a significant component for any business.


Managers can get the following benefits:

Cost Control

Cost Control is a critical factor in purchasing management. Managers can analyze which suppliers are selling necessary inputs, with regards to production and cost.
From these informations they can review hosts of other factors, including on-time shipments, warranties, industry reputation and length of time in business.
Switching vendors is a costly business, so finding reliable vendors is important for controlling costs.


Price Stability

Achieving price stability is an important task of purchasing management.
When having wild fluctuations of production costs, other division will have to face obstacles.
If the marketing team is not able to have full knowledge on what prices to charge the customer, the finance experts can’t estimate profits and accountants can’t evaluate your ability to have a good cash flow.
Purchase Managers keep the production costs stable in a number of ways. One of those is negotiating with suppliers to achieve optimal prices and lock in a lengthy, valuable contract.
For inputs with volatile prices, such as commodities, acquiring managers work with banks, in order to hedge these items into a forward agreement.


Easy Supply Chain Management

Securing a supply chain is another crucial role of purchasing managers.
The feature will help the assigned manager to supervise on-time material arrival, functionality and expected quality. Through these observations, delayed shipments or subpar quality can be prevented.


Customer Satisfaction

Acquiring managers plays a fundamental role in ensuring customer satisfaction.
Managers play two roles in this, ensuring that products will be shipped on-time, and with the promised quality, ensuring satisfaction among customers.
The goal is to provide high-quality products, for the lowest price possible. Also, providing customers with products of high quality for the best market price, will make them choose your business again.