“Elbats Software has been optimized to enhance management and communication between companies (such as MES/PLM and SCM)”

Our system is a user-oriented solution that enhances user convenience and analysis functions, by utilizing the latest IT technology. That way, it can be flexibly and actively applied and expanded according to any changes in our customer’s businesses.

In the forever changing and evolving global business environment, the convergence of IT and business processes for speed management of global customers is an essential competitive factor of any business strategy.

Therefore we can positively recommend upgrading your business to a global one using Elbats Software.


Our program provides a stable system that smoothly helps our users cope with a wide range of business processes, and the data flow of every department.

In order to realize a company’s speed management, and to judge the strategic execution ability, management of logistics flow (sales, production, materials, etc.) and operation of general business (staff, salary, accounting, expenses, etc.) have been integrated into our program.

In the case of insufficient resources (ex. manpower, finance, infrastructure) it will even make recommendations aimed at improving the situation.

On top of that, our Software supports data-driven management activities and helps to establish standardized business processes early on.

Elbats Software enables the user to monitor various activities, such as work methods and work procedures.

It also systematically collects, analyzes and manages various data that are generated at the factory.


Our Software is an integrated production management system, that can implement Smart Factory through bad management, good management, etc.

Considering all the conditions and circumstances of SMEs, Elbats Software mainly a production management system optimized for SMEs, as it ensures improved productivity and quality, and also provides real-time management.