Electronic Document Management

“Our Electronic Document Management module allows our users to process approvals using the integrated network, rather than existing direct approval methods”

Lately, an increasing amount of companies started introducing electronic document systems.

Doing so helps organize and operate your company, while minimizing the time required to purchase and obtain the necessary paper documents, and improving the efficiency of both document creation and information management.


Why do companies introduce electronic document systems?

In general, the advantages of these systems are as follows:

• An electronic document system allows you to pay (and approve/reject) anytime and anywhere;

• Decisions can be made faster;

• Document management is very convenient;

• It has the possibility to attach a document stating a decision’s grounds to the corresponding approval.


Simply put, the main reason for companies to implement such a system is to build and/or improve their own business process efficiency.

This comes down to creating a structured order or process that allows the work to progress smoothly and results in high performance and profitability.

For a company wanting to be as efficient, yet as lucrative as possible, adapting an electronic document system is a great step towards that goal.

It might not look like it at first, but there is more to an electronic document system than just writing a document, and having it either approved or rejected.


The system takes many different parts, bits of information, into account, such as the company’s business procedures, areas, and their employees’ rights.

If a company using this module provides it with as much information about their organization as possible, the module will help create efficient business processes for each situation.

It is our goal to help improve the productivity of our customers’ work forces, and help them achieve high performance.