Sales Management


“This is where our Sales Management Module offers a solution: it systematically records and organizes all information, and keeps it saved in one program that can be used by all different departments of your company”


Elbats Software combines sales management, production management, and inventory management.

Its format is programmed in such a way that managing these three is connected to order receipts as well as collection management.

Our system collectively manages the information flow of product sales; every step, from ordering to inventory- and profit management is understood and directly processed.

The Software provides step-by-step analyses and information, and also provides quick and accurate information concerning sales trends.

On top of that, Elbats Software features a function that conveniently sets up a sales plan using strategic business goals, your customers’ orders, and product- and shipment planning.

Managing overseas sales at the same time as domestic sales is made easy, and sales- and collection performances are automatically processed and linked.


Elbats Software can provide you with exactly this, as it scientifically analyzes your situation, after which the analysis can be conveniently viewed in the form of clear graphs and charts.

Does your company feature a large workforce?

Do you manage your company using simple documentation, without an actual system?

Are you experiencing a lot of stress due to the heavy workload?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, being able to view a clear and uncomplicated, yet detailed analysis of your company’s current state of affairs would ease a lot of your worries.

This makes for a great aid when forming any future-, or strategic plans for your company.

For a company to operate smoothly, sales representatives, managers, and customer representatives are required, as well as required to be able to agree, as these are all people directly influencing the creation of sales opportunities.


More often than not, this creates a conflict, as every representative has different ideas and priorities.

Let us look at the following examples:

Sales representative:
• “I need support for sales activities (information, financial support);”
• “I want to be able to easily process business activity-related paperwork;”
• “I want to spend more time with our customers and secure our relationship and mutual trust;”
• “I want to collect information on our customers;”
• “I need systematic support.”

• “I want to increase our sales’ success rate;”
• “I want to be able to make accurate sales predictions;”
• “I want to know precisely how our business is going at this exact moment;”
• “I want to accumulate customer information;”
• “I want to focus on strategic decision-making;”
• “I want to be able to view and use specific, objective sales data;”
• “I want to be able to appropriately respond to any absence.”

Customer representative:
• “I want to be able to view any customer’s information, so that I can provide them with appropriate service;”
• “I want to process any paperwork with ease;”
• “I want to be able to quickly communicate with, and share customer information with our sales department;”
• “I want to collect information on how to more efficiently provide customer service;”
• “I want to use a smaller amount of staff members to process a larger amount of customer requests.”

As you can see, all three of the above representatives have a lot of wishes and priorities.

These may clash in any company, making sufficient and smooth collaboration within your organization even harder.


It is necessary in such a company to install a stable system that caters to and aids all these representatives in their work and management.

At first, just using Excel might be enough to keep your company organized, but as soon as your business grows bigger, Excel’s efficiency decreases.

With time it will be increasingly harder to keep your management up-to-date.

Elbats Software solves this problems.